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Happy Halloween!! Let's Go Trick or Treating!!

Posted Thursday, October 31st 2013 @ 2pm

What's My Costume?  Can you figure it out??  lol

I'm a walking "#ThrowbackThursday"... duh?!  

The problem is, the current fashion trends are exactly like they were in the 90's Grunge days!  lol

So to help with the "throwback" look, my boyfriend (husband) loaned me his class of '96 letterman jacket.  

He was so cute... Last night as I was putting it on he said, "You're the first girl to ever wear my letterman jacket." Then he asked me out.  Now, we're boyfriend and girlfriend.

If you were wondering, my husband Chris went to high school in Washington, so this isn't a local school.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (http://instagram.com/evelynerives) to see what my family and I get into tonight!! 

Have a GREAT Halloween!!  XOXO

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