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Does Sexting Someone Else Count As Cheating?

Does Sexting Someone Else Count As Cheating?

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Only one in five people would leave a relationship if they caught their significant other sexting with someone else, according to a new online survey, with a third of the 5,000 respondents saying they wouldn't even confront their partner about a sext. Researchers say their findings are "consistent with the fact that a lot of people want to overlook infidelity or want to downplay or avoid partner confrontation." It may also be that social media and other digital technology have blurred the definitions of cheating and harmless flirting, suggests survey director Dr. Kristen Mark. "Technology introduces a gray area because there's no physical contact," she explains. "People may not be familiar with how to integrate it into relationships."


Are you the cool with your partner Sexting someone OTHERTHAN YOU?

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